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SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. reached a major construction milestone Venezuela

June 2013

SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L.  performed the lowering of the rotor of the generator of Unit 3 of the hydroelectric complex "Fabricio Ojeda" known as La Vueltosa. In this way and both machines are on the respective turbines at its generation site.When the project ends in 2013, the Andean states (Tachira, Merida and Trujillo) and Barinas and part of the Alto Apure, will have 514 MW installed more,been that the power needed to be independent from energy imports from Macagua or Guri.The ceremony took place in the presence of all the authorities of the national power company, Alstom consortium representatives, SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. and workers of the company, and the Minister of Popular Power for Electric Energy Jesse Chacòn.

With the fall of the second rotor (unit 3) that like to come down and last year, is 12.95 meters in diameter and weighing 600 tons, testing ensures this machine within 2013.La first machine, called unit 2, starts next test in August, while the second machine (unit 3) with 257 MW will become operational before the end of 2013, which means the 514 MW listed above that would be generated by this year's La Vueltosa.

New Project in Venezuela

May 2013
In February, the Group SDV energía e infrastructura, S.L.  began in Venezuela gave the EPC Project for 400 Kv Substation Angostura four 115 Kv GIS substation and associated transmission lines for CORPOELEC company, Corporacion Electrica Nacional S.A., a company of State Venezuelan. This contract, signed in December 2012, for a totae amount equivalent to USD 285 million, is the largest in the history of the SDV Group. The supplies will be purchased from our headquarters in Spain and the construction work will be performed by the group Venezuelan company: SADEVEN Construcciones S.A., that CORPOELEC we have awarded this project is a clear demonstration of confidence from one of our most important customers and is further evidence of the recognition of our ability and professional experience.


Peru subsidiary obtains quality certification

Julio de 2012
Peru subsidiary of SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. has been included within the ISO 9001 international certification endorsed by IQNet International Certification Network from now on these certifications cover the Parent Company SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. in the countries of Venezuela, Colombia, México and Perú. This successful achievement strengthens the company's presence in the Andean country, providing strength and confidence to our operations.

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